Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Commoner's Football Awards 2015 Edition

I have about 5 football teams I like.  Okay I really have 3.  None of them have advanced to the playoffs.  It's still football playoff time and I can now watch objectively because I don't really care who does what.

That gives me the time to watch what's really important.  The football players.  I'm too old for the players-the coaches are my age but I am an admirer of personal style.  So of course I have some things to say.

Best Looking Player-Tom Brady

Let's face it -quarter backs are generally good looking because they have led such a charmed life from the time they are like 9.  Tom Brady takes that to a whole other level with looks like a male model.  Given his wife is the world's most successful model he must borrow some of her beauty products. He even has the cleft chin.

Most All American-Russel Wilson
This guys is young, smart, composed, volunteers at a hospital once a week, dedicates his games to his deceased dad, and oh yeah, wins super bowls.  This is the picture of the all american football star.  We need more of him

Best Dreadlocks-RG3
RG3 is my favorite player.  Even when he's having a hard time. I'm pretty sure he bought dreadlocks to the NFL-(go with it) and I like his because they aren't super long.  

Best Long Hair-Clay Matthews

Today I noticed there is a trend to have long hair in the NFL.  Long gross disgusting hair.  To those players like that guy today on Carolina-don't do it.  It just makes me itchy and it doesn't make you look tough.  Besides-Clay Matthews did it first.  
    Aside from looking like Jax on Sons of Anarchy-he really carries the look well.  Off the field he wears it in a stylish pony tail.  So if you aren't Clay Matthews cut your hair.

Best Tattoos -Colin Kaepernick

Tattoos are another trend in the NFL.  I can't say that I like them.  But if you are going to get tattoos then you could at least look like Colin.  He's fallen from grace in the San Francisco area these days. Many of us wish we had kept the coach and gotten rid of him with his negative attitude.  But I'll admit.  The guy makes a tattoo or 12 look good.

So there are my awards for the NFL season.