Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Commoner Celebrates A Birthday

The whole idea of the commoner came out of Rosa's birthday celebration trip to Napa in June.  Now granted she made the arrangements, fronted the money, and drove -but hey we still celebrated her birthday!

I intended to have a party.  After all I'm not getting any younger so each birthday is an accomplishment and secondly my new health care plan at work is really really bad-there's no guarantee I'll make that many more.  But alas, I never really got around to it-so the day arrived and I was like-whatever.

The day went really nicely-gifts from third graders and friends, well wishes, tons of facebook love, lunch with my team and to top it off-dinner with fellow commoners Lesli and Rosa.  Where should we go what should we do? There are  very few restaurants really in our town.  We love The Mexican Restaurant but they don't open until 5-let's try -should I say the name? Should I offend?  I'm not going to-I'm still living down my insult to Hollister with the Fair comments.  Let's just say this place has one name-yes let's go there.

We left school and met up outside of ____________and I'm sure by the time we walked in it was 4:40.  The skinny waitress met us at the door and said we don't serve dinner until 5 but you are welcome to pizza, salad, or appetizers.  We had a 5 minute conversation about whether to stay or go somewhere else? Where? No where let's just stay.  All of this is important.

Are you getting the time line here?  I hope so.  Because by now it's 4:45 and for the 15th time this waitress at the restaurant with one name and nobody else there -told us we couldn't order off the dinner menu until 5 O'clock.  That's fifteen minutes from now and that was it for me.  At that point I felt the need to start one of my tirades.

So I say to the waitress at the one named restaurant in Hollister "There's no one in this restaurant you really can't take an order for three people now?  It's my birthday?"  I'm thinking this woman should just lie and take the order and continue with the awful service.  We would never know really.  We had ordered an appetizer and free bread and iced tea.  But she stood steadfast and at this point I say  "I know I'm being a bitch but this isn't 5th Avenue you really can't help us now"  It's 4:50 at this point. "No I can't she says they are breaking down lunch"  Which means they are putting away the pannini press

She walks away bringing more ice tea and then says  "We can take your order NOW but we can't put it in until 5:00".  Out of spite I refused to order anything off the dinner menu and ordered the spaghetti and meatball.  That's right MEATBALL.  She's lucky I wasn't paying the check and  that I was the birthday girl because I would have done the thing where I don't tip.  I've done that before.

We stayed until 6:30 and I really enjoyed my time with Lesli and Rosa-I love those guys.  The spaghetti and MEATBALL (they actually had more than one) was actually pretty good.  But I probably won't go back to the one named restaurant with the anal waitress who never even offered me a birthday treat or sang.

One name restaurant lady-you are really just a commoner and you should get over yourself-and learn to use plural words.

Rosa and Lesli you are awesome, thanks for remembering my birthday and buying me dinner.  Lesli's birthday is in February-I'll keep you posted