Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Commoner Changes the World

We aren't the only commoners in the world.  Sometimes you find really famous, famous people who have come up from the ranks of commoners and some of them are pretty special.  Barrack Obama is a commoner (excuse me fellow Republicans but he is)  Oprah Winfrey is not a commoner-I will never claim her-but I was surprised to find out this week that Steve Jobs may be the ultimate commoner among us.  He changed the world, he came from a common middle class upbringing and he left a footprint that puts him in the class of Ben Franklin and Walt Disney probably bigger.

I never really paid much attention to Apple, I couldn't afford a Mac and I found Apple people to be a little snobby for my taste but eventually I became sucked in.  First by an IPod Shuffle-then and IPhone (best invention since the wheel-better possibly) then the IPAD and finally my newest adoption to the family a Mac Book Air-a toy I wanted so much that I worked summer school just to afford it.

I'm often hard on Northern California-being a New Yorker-but I like Northern California and am proud to call it home.   We are the new cradle of innovation-we have given the world great wine, beautiful scenery, the worlds best golf courses and we have given the world Google, EBay, Yahoo, Facebook, HP, and Apple.  The Silicon Valley was born because it's where Steve Job's lived and hung out in his parent's garage right here in Palo Alto, California.  This commoner feels lucky to live here.

So to the ultimate commoner who overcame the most common of beginnings-you truly led an uncommon life.

God Bless you and Rest in Peace