Sunday, October 30, 2011

No More News for this Commoner

Some of you may have heard my rantings about no longer receiving local TV news from San Jose or San Francisco and some of you may have thought this girl is nuts.  After all, we live on the Central Coast and who doesn't want to hear about the latest gang shooting in Salinas or a cow blocking some road to King City.  We don't live in San Francisco or San Jose-who cares?

Need you ask?  I do. Growing up in a house of adults I became a news junkie.  And not junky local news-with bad graphics, ugly anchors, and oodles of mistakes-like-"The changes will not take place in this year's 2012 election but next year's 2012 election"-cheesy commercials -an announcer who says dot.gom-ick.   But big city news-you Know Sue Simmons, Ernie Anastos?  At least we had Spencer Christian-oh wait-WHERE IS SPENCER CHRISTIAN????"

So I've boycotted the2 networks showing KSBW and the red and black  news in the morning and here is some of the wonderful television I watch before I teach America's Youth.

Sometimes I watch the Sopranos on A&E because nothing gets you more ready to  face 8 years old than some whacking and cursing.

Sometimes I watch Will and Grace and enjoy a lot of inappropriate humor.

One of my favorite things to watch is Boomor and Carton on MSG TV.  I like this because it makes me think I'm in NY-I like when Lenny from Hicksville calls in and the commercials are local NY ones. They talk about the Jets, Giants, and Rangers and I love that!  And I've always liked Boomer-he's from East Islip! Then I realize I'm not in NY and I'm in a funk all day.

The other day (well a lot of days) I watch QVC.  Tuesday they were selling candles-they are the flame less kind-so you don't burn down your house.  They suggested this was a great gift for teachers or someone in assisted living-yeah okay-thanks for that pick me up before I face the day.

The other day I was desperate for information so I watched MSNBC.  I learned from Jim Kramer that I should buy stock in the aluminum company ( I can't remember the name though).  Something about people buying aluminum because they can recycle it-but if you recycle it why would you buy it?  No matter I don't know how to buy stocks.

Sometimes I watch Fox News.  I'm a big fan of Fox News and I like Bill Hemmer-but after hearing who's ahead in the Republican race over and over again and analyzing Mitt's hair-I really have to move on.

By this time I'm way behind schedule and Good Morning America with George and Robin come on and they tell me what's going on in the world-and use the same feed for the San Fran news the stupid local stations do-all is right with the world and I'm out of there.

Maybe I'll subscribe to the channel that has the Bay Area News-Maybe I'll just move to the actual Bay Area and be done with it-but then what would I have to write about?