Monday, February 9, 2015

The Commoner's First Race in the Rain

It's politically incorrect to say you hate rain in California.  You have to say Thank God for the Rain, We need the rain, I love the rain, or any of those kinds of things.  But I'm going to say I HATE THE RAIN.  I never say it out loud.  But I'm packing my bag as I speak because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be deported to another state somewhere.

Whatever...I'm over it.  I drove in it on Friday, ran in it on Saturday and like Beast mode that I am raced in it on Sunday.

It started out great and I thought the rain would hold up.  But it didn't.  Head wind out-gailforce winds back.   Whatever.  

A six year old and her dad passed me on their way to their 5k.  I'm not kidding about that.  

This is me when I was six.  I couldn't even stand up on my own.

The little girl was breathing like crazy and crying that she never wanted to race again.  Good move dad of the year.
He actually was like "Keep going you can beat the 12 year olds."  And apparently the 51 year olds.

Speaking of age.  I think I'm getting slower.  But seriously my first race in the rain.  We didn't fool around either.  I was soaked and we were out of there.
I was just glad there were so many people behind me at the turnaround.

Anyway I suck at blogging lately.  I'm in school mode which means there is not much fun to write about.
Go forth and work out.  My vivo fit ran away.  I'm on the honor system until my new one gets here

My name on the Nike Store.  Half Marathons are my favorite.  I run the same pace at 13 that I do at 6 or 3.  
I'm suffering through the rain with my trail in mind.  It definitely needs the water.  I'll do it for you people not allowed to swim or dive.

These are my favorite shoes ever.