Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Commoner Says Goodbye to her Old Hair. Literally

I've had my beautiful extensions for almost two years.  I love them dearly with all my heart because they allow me to have long, long hair.

My stylist is fantastic.  She owns her own studio.  I even get my massages there.  She's expanded recently so there are alcoves and rooms every where.  That may be the problem.

She is usually known for running late.  I've waited a long time while she worked on someone else or whatever.  I did all that.  One time I waited a long time in the waiting room.  A long time -like an hour.  I realized that at this point she forgot about me.  I realized this because other people were going first.  I was like this.

When she finally came in for someone else.  I was like, "Marvelous Stylist?  How much longer will it be?"  She had forgotten me.  I was like forget about it.  I'll reschedule.  I was mad but polite because she CUTS MY HAIR!  

But I was mad.  She rescheduled and made up for it with some free conditioner.  Conditioner becomes an important theme for this story.

I seriously thought about replacing her then but she knew my hair! She made it look great!  I have the world's most baby fine hair-that isn't easy.  She held the cards.

Flash to 2 months later and she greets me! Says What are we here for today?  I'm like -you should know (to myself).  She conditions my hair puts a warm towel on my head , explains that everyone there is working there.  Everyone is having a workshop on makeup with Ivan because Sunday will be an open house.  I thought I might stop by for a makeover.  

She shut the door and I was able to watch the lesson through the window looking into the styling room.  I was enjoying it.  Marvelous hair stylist was busy taking notes on foundation and my head started getting cold.  My attention was broken when Ivan said he wanted Barbie Doll Models on Sunday.  Young ones.  That's when I realized y head was cold.

I took the towel off and continued to watch.  My neck started to hurt.  I realized now that I had been sitting with that towel on my head for 30 minutes and she was acting like I wasn't even there.

At this point I got up and said.  Marvelous Stylist, I'm leaving.  She turns around and says OH MY GOSH I FORGOT YOU!  I could have looked past this if she said, "That fantastic conditioner needs to stay on for 30 minutes."  I would have believed this.  BUT SHE FORGOT ABOUT ME.

I said you know?  You always forget about me.  I'm leaving.  I'm a good customer I don't deserve this.  You can have the most beautiful salon in town but if you can't remember your customers you have nothing.  I would like my hair back now (I bought some loose extensions for her to replace in a baggie).  Despite the cries of what can I do?  I left.  With a HEAD FULL OF CONDITIONER>

I walked out the door, pulled my hair into a pony tail, got in my car with the intention of rinsing my hair, yanking out my extensions, and starting over somewhere else on another day.  Then I remembered a salon in town, which was new and EVERYONE I knew was going.

I walked in  where two stylists were working and explained my problem.  Surprisingly one of them said have a seat right there (2 feet a way) I'll be right with you.  10 minutes later she assessed the condition, recommended a remedy, and I was in her chair for a hair cut, removal of the extensions, and a plan.

I would have sent the insane person with conditioner home but not this brave stylist.  She set me down and took my business.  She promised that the extensions would be in next week at our appointment.  She PROMISED.

So goodbye Marvelous Stylist.  I know you will never forget another customer ever.  Everyone else will benefit from her genius with out being left with cold towels in their hair.