Monday, November 4, 2013

The Commoner and Coffee

The commoner today is thankful for coffee.
That's right coffee!  (and yes James Gandolfini too-I'm reusing blog pics).

I'm not talking latte or mocha I'm talking about straight up coffee.  Wether it be from Starbucks!



Or my very own Keurig.

Straight up -old fashioned-with creamer -they dry kind-no sugar- coffee.

If it weren't for coffee I would feel like this all of the time!

I love coffee so much I've been known to put it in my fuel belt when running.  

This is the schedule
1-coffee first thing
2-coffee when I get to work
3-coffee at 3 OClock-or when I get home.

Day 3?  I'm thankful for COFFEE