Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Commoner and Her People

When the commoner took on her midlife crisis -it was no ordinary mid life crisis.  It was not common.  It involved running a marathon.  It involved going through a masters program.  It turned out to involve a job change.  Not many people do MLC (mid life crisis) like I do.  But then most people don't do anything like I do.
But I've over extended myself and if it weren't for the kindness of others I could never have achieved this Academy Award.

First of all there are all of you who put up with listening to me (by listening I mean reading) talk about running.  Recently the Wall Street Journal basically told all of us runners to shut up already.  But if you guys had not been there when running was bad and boring I never would have gotten to the place where running was good.  

I am fiercely independent.  I like to figure things out for myself and I don't like to ask for help or rely on other people.  I've stepped (okay fallen) into a new position at work.  The learning curve was steep -or whatever you say when it means you had to learn fast.  Thanks to all the people who have put up with my stupid questions or the fact that I've had to do things more than once to get them right.  Thanks also to the people who stepped up to fill positions I couldn't do any longer and thanks MOSTLY to the families that I work with for their understanding.  

If it weren't for all of them-I would be in big trouble.  The support and good will they've extended goes so far in making me feel something-not sure what-but it's a good feeling.
So I've gone back to school.  Who does that?  I spend most evenings doing two hours of homework.  Reading articles which usually all sound the same-and in fact sometimes are.  Writing papers, citing evidence.  There have been a lot of people who have helped.  Most of these people are my teachers so they will never read this.

There are people who I know in real life too who have helped.  There are friends who are experts in the fields I am studying who actually dive in there and give of their time and expertise -HEY LILIA!!  There are people who help when I need to run right out the door with the bell and drive to San Jose.  You are all awesome.

There's no rubber stamping of a degree here, it's all blood, sweat, and tears.  Like a marathon.

But mostly my family and my dogs have been great.  Most nights I don't get to make dinner and there's hardly any hanging out time or cleaning time-as my son the Master of Arms for the US Navy pointed out.  Everyone's patience doesn't go un noticed.

So thanks everyone who helps me every single day.  Thanks everyone for joining me on the journey of my mid life crisis.  Happy Thanksgiving.