Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Commoner's New Shoes

I have to say I haven't been shopping very much lately.  There are lots of reasons for this.  But this week I will happily be breaking in a new pair of running shoes.


I know you are excited about that, but I change my shoes religiously every 300 miles.  I've been wearing these since early October-that makes four months-I did the math for you because I'm nice like that.

I wear Nike Mottos.  I love them because they are super cushy.  Which is good because I'm a pounder when I run.  I like to clomp.  It's taken me a long time to find the perfect shoe.  And since I'm old I want to make sure I take care of everything to keep me going as long as I can.

You can only buy these fabulous shoes at the Nike Outlet or on line.  If the outlet doesn't have them for 50 dollars then you have to buy them from for 100 dollars.  But they are worth it because they are cushy and comfortable and my legs like them. 

Around Christmas time, before my 300 miles were up I noticed the Nike Outlet had my shoe on sale for 50 dollars so I bought them.  And here they are...

 I'm not much of a fan of change.  Bring me luck new shoes!