Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Commoner's Night at the Fairmont Part 2


When I left off last time I left you hanging-yes hanging to find out about our night at the Fairmont San Jose.  I have to tell you I can't possibly blog two nights in a row.  I'm not that interesting.  But I have to so I'm going to list all the things that happened.

1.  Return to Fairmont to change and go to dinner at fancy schmancy Steak House the Grill.

2. Notice some very nicely dressed people ready for a wedding mulling around in the 'lounge' (that's fancy for bar).

3.  Suggest this can't be a wedding, EVERYONE is wearing Black tie and gown -this must be a fund raiser.

4. Go up to room come back down and notice hundreds of beautiful people mulling around our bar-oops lounge.

5. Ask hostess at dinner-what's going on with everyone out there?  Santa Clara University Alumni Fund Raiser- (Hey Santa Clara you are no big deal-I turned St. John's down you know)

6.  Have a great steak dinner-so good-I love steak

7.  Go to the bakery next to the hotel for dessert and coffee.  Yummy fruit tart-not that great actually.

8.  Notice characters on stilts passing by.  Toy Story guy, A girl with a pretty dress, others I can't remember.  Very strange but very cool. 

9.  Head back to hotel when we notice coming at us-about a half a mile away-from the direction of the Tech Museum -an army of tuxedo clad penguin clones-sorry Santa Clara alumni-heading toward us-with their super model dates.  

10.  Watch drunken college student scaring commoner girls and screaming for his friend Scott-we were pretty sure there was no friend Scott.

11.  Get to the entrance of the Fairmont only to find -The many well dressed alumni, the Santa Clara Cheer squad, the Marching band and......the tribe of stilt walkers.

You will have to wait until next time to hear about the lounge....