Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ponte Pants-The Commoner's Favorite Clothing


The commoner is short. Most people don't believe this because I always wear a heal and have good posture (even my running shoe has a bit of a lift) but I'm only 5'4".

Running has also reshaped my body although I have weighed the same for 2 years-I'm physically smaller

 What all of this means is that I have to be careful of what I wear or I tend to disappear in my clothing and look like walking shirts and pants.  Which will happen if my clothes are too big-and a lot of my clothes are too big.  

Wear petite you think-can't long arms and legs...

 This does not negate the need to feel comfortable inspite of wearing tighter fitting clothes.  You also have to be careful that things aren't too tight or you look trashy.  It's quite a problem.

I only shop in a few places but what I kept finding in these places were something called Ponte pants.  I have no idea what that is or what that means but I tell you this, they are fabulous.

Just like the Keurig being German I could be wrong about this but as far as I can tell a ponte pant has the fit of a legging, the feel of fleece sweat pants, and the design of a jean.  Could there be anything better really?

I have a few pairs of these because they are just perfect.  I wear them all of the time.  You can wear them with boots, or booties, or a heal, or maybe even a converse.  You look like your clothes are tailored made, without looking like Peg Bundy.  However you feel comfortable and you can move and breathe.

Here's the best part about them-and I'll tell you with a story.  I was in the Calvin Klein store and I tried on a pair and was putting them back. The sales girl asked why and I explained they were bunching around the knee.  You know what she said? She said, they are too big for you , you need to try a 4.  Of course I bought them, I almost bought every color.

For all of those reasons the commoner suggest you try a pair of ponte pants-one of her favorite things.