Monday, December 10, 2012

Self Tanning -The Commoner's Favorite Thing

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Tinted Self-Tanning Body MistBefore you get visions of Snookie and the Jersey Shore.  I'm not talking spray tans.  No I'm talking self tanners.  

I wear shorts a lot in the summer.  They are comfortable-what else can I say.  The trick when  you are short is that your shorts can't be too long or you look like you have no legs, so my shorts are on the shorter (but decent) side.

The problem with this is-paleness.  I have that kind of skin that doesn't really get dark and also isn't that kind of white that actually looks like it's making a statement.  Legs need color.

I've tried a few different brands with really scary results.  There was the kind by Bare Essentials which of course I bought on QVC. You buffed that on with this make up brush.  I would always miss whole lines on my legs so it looked like I was striped.

Then there was this unknown brand in an orange package.  That's right. Orange.  I should have known.  Get it?

Then there was a Sephora obsession of the day.  It is called the Tinted Self Tanning Bronzing Mist.  THIS stuff is fantastic.  It's a light spray that doesn't tan you really but just unpales you in a nice normal even tone.  I wore it all the time.

So for a little color all year long the commoner suggest Sephora's Tinted Self Tanning Bronzing Mist.