Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Lumineers/Fun/Of Monsters and Men-The Commoner's Favorite Music

When I was 5 years old I adopted  my first favorite song-It was Leaving on A Jet Plane.  Since then I have been an avid music collector, and if it were possible for my entire life long music collection to exist in one format I'm sure I would own a million songs from every genre of music with the possible exception of country.

Running meant I was listening to a lot of music this year and I would spend a lot of time catching music to add to my running playlist then I would spend idle time dropping and adding songs.

I'll admit that I steer myself toward a lot of Hip Hop  music for running.  It's not only the pounding beats which speed my runs along but it's the bad-tough guy attitude of the lyrics which helps me through the runs as well.  Kanye is one of my favorite running partners for sure-go on haters.

I find suitable running music in the strangest places-radio, tv, commercials, Starbucks, Itunes, runners blogs, everywhere.  Some how this year I found myself with a collection of music which was not of the usual Hip Hop genre but reflected back to my indie/hipster/new wave college days.

I present to you the commoner's favorite music of the year.  I'll tell you that I thought they were all the same people for a while-after all I'm no longer 20 years old-this year I learned to love 3 groups who all sound the same and who are all fantastic-The Lumineers, Fun, and Of Monsters and Men.

They all have a pounding beat which is great for running, they all have a catchy melody, and they all have some sort of mystery girl singer.  Two of them like to use the word hey-but I loved them all.  They come on and whether I'm running, driving to school, or working in my classroom an instant smile comes to my face. 

So for your playlist this year, the commoner suggest the following groups, The Lumineers, Fun, and Of Monsters and Men.