Saturday, December 8, 2012

Direct TV The Commoner's Favorite Things

A few years ago, while walking through Costco-we noticed the guys selling Direct TV subscriptions.  We already had Cablevision and I was happy with it, but there was one problem....I was heading back to work from the summer and my DVR-which could only be watched from the downstairs TV was constantly full.  

So we signed up for a deal which practically paid us to have Direct TV installed in our house and included the pass to all the NFL games.  I barely like football .  But mostly it lets us have tons of DVR space and I can watch it on the upstairs office TV or on the downstairs tv.

Well it was great to have all the movies, and who wouldn't love to have 45 episodes of Days of Our Lives at the ready whenever you want to watch what happened 2 months ago.  (And if you catch a current episode on a day off-there's been very little progress so you're still good).

There's On Demand which means I never miss anything every.  Which would be great if I ever remembered I had On Demand.

Another benefit?  I get to watch cable shows on East Coast Time.  So I can watch American Horror Story at 7 and have time to get rid of the scared thoughts before bed.  Plus I can watch shows twice or catch the West Coast feed if I missed some.  SCORE!


Now remember that one of the selling points was the free NFL game package.  I'll watch a Giants Game, maybe I'll watch the 49ers that's it no big deal.  

But not Rob could watch any team play football and he could do it all day.  Eventually I learned to join in because that's what we did on Sundays watched football.   

Luckily I have a lot of teams, I love the Giants, I like the 49ers, I'm amused by the Jets, Danny once went to Aaron Rodgers house to install his home theater so I like to watch Green Bay, and this year I'm enamored with RGIII.  That's a lot of teams playing in one game or another.

At one point the FCC decided I couldn't have local news from San Francisco or San Jose and had to have the news from Salinas.  There is not much news in Salinas and the newscasters are horrible.  I couldn't watch it so I started watching sports news.

ESPN was great but one morning I stumbled upon MSG Television and their feed of WFAN New York's Boomer and Carton show.  I love Boomer Esiason     and his friend was hilarious.  Plus I got to watch the commercials from NY which was awesome.

During Hurricane Sandy I was able to watch News 4 NY and find that Chuck Scarbourough is still doing the news and hasn't changed since I left. 

So the commoner presents one of her favorite things-Direct TV  and I didn't even get close to all the music I never have time to listen, but at least know it's there.