Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wharf to Wharf and All the Fun

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Let's talk about Wharf to Wharf.  It's special.  It was my first ever race!  Look at me there crossing the finish line.  (this year there was not one single picture of me at all)

That's okay.  I have this picture of traffic on the way to the race.

I'm not sure if this is the best thing to eat and drink the night before the race but it didn't seem to hurt
I'm trying to keep balance.
So Rob's not running and he was my support.  He dropped me off at the shuttles and met me at the finish and was totally pissy because he can't run.  So I'm firing him from the marathon.

But let's talk about training!
I have a coach this training cycle.  I have a coach because I never thought I would run again after this.
I cried the whole week because it hurt so bad.  But I got into the NY Marathon-my dream race and I needed someone to get me through training this time.

So coach puts me on this heart rate training where I sometimes ride a bike and sometimes run.  All by heart rate and minutes training.  And I'm not going to lie.  I'm stubborn and thought this is a joke because I'm running so easily and slowly.
But here are some things that are happening!

  • I was on the way to running/riding every day in July when I realized probably it's been since June and it has.  33 days straight and still going (my goal is to see how long this goes)  This is a thing now
  • I am running my fastest race times in years
  • I feel less stress running because I'm not killing myself
  • Nothing is hurting
  • I actually have a race pace now.  I've never had that.
  • I'm fitter and stronger than ever
Now I'm not kidding myself I know the training will get hard.  It hasn't even started yet.  But I know what's coming and I know I'll be ready

So Wharf to Wharf?  It was awesome

On another note summer vacation is almost over.  I'm sad.   

And I have no song....

But here's another book I read this summer.  People swear this book is life changing.  My life was not changed.  But I tend to be shallow in the summer.