Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Goats, Marathon Training, Desserts, Drinks, and Hamburgers

Today was a super easy 20 minute run day.  I don't really mind those.   They are slow and necessary and that's fine. 
I'm not one of those runners who stops and takes pictures.  It's a pain.  I have to stop my phone, stop my watch, stop my feet.  But today I did.  I stopped because right there on my route were these guys

They saw me-I saw them and we ran toward each other like Lassie and Billy.  Look at those faces!!!! There was a baby goat too but by then the dogs were going crazy and I needed to get out of there.  But really ! Those faces!

Today's songs were the love section.  Those could be sleepers.  Since I was running slow I didn't  really need Kanye or JayZ so the love songs were kind of nice.

I could pick Love is a Battlefield.  But I went with this real oldie.  I have a soft spot for Linda.  She dated Jerry Brown when he was cool (er) -hey he still has swagger.  Her songs bring back to a fun time.  And Linda has parkinsons just like my grandpa So She's brave too.  And holy goodness she could sing.

I also took myself out of my self induced seclusion to go to Santana Row and meet up with friends from my Master's Program.  I love these people.  We are bonded for sure.  It was nice to meet without laptops too.
It was worth it to hang out with them. And drink a mule.

I was telling you I read a lot of books.

I mentioned at the end of the year party that  a book club would be fun.  I came up with this book by one of my favorite author's Isabelle Alande
It's a good story but it was hard to read because her paragraphs were soo long!  Really long.  Like a whole page.  But it was not bad.  You should read it.  You could join our book club!