Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marathon Training and All the Books

Today's run was 5 miles.  Well it was a timed run and keeping the heart beat pace is hard.  But it was a great run on a beautiful morning.

I have this thing I do where if a car on Hillcrest moves over to give me room I wave thanks.  They always wave back .  They see me and they get it-they are so awesome.
Some refuse to move over.  In fact they aim for me.  They are usually white pick ups.  To them I simply say "jackass".  Did you think I would give the finger?  I can't do that I'm one woman running by myself.  Simply saying Jackass puts the words out there and they never notice.

The Losing section of my play list I was sure was going to be terribly depressing but it wasn't.  There were so many good songs.  There was 

Lose Yourself-classic
Lost in the World -Old Kanye with a driving beat 
Losing My Religion-I always find meaning in this song...still

But I've been in a Coldplay mood these days and Lost worked for me.

This summer for me is only one month.  I'm in self induced seclusion this summer so I've spent a lot of time on the hammock with the dogs reading books.
I've read so many books.  Like 10.  All of a sudden I can read a book in two days.  So let's start from now and go backwards.

I was given this book by our new superintendent and it's required reading.  I LOVE it.    It's totally going to transform our year.  Here's a snippet.

I'm the girl who made it through grad school and the credential program without really reading anything.  But this book?  I've even made notes in the margins.

Also of note-EYE DOCTOR appointment.  My eye doctor is super expensive.  It kills me.  When I retire I'll probably go blind because I won't be able to afford him.

But there was an earthquake.   And because I was with the doctor I couldn't scream.  I was COOL