Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Commoner's Play List

I haven't done this for awhile-and seriously I have very little to write about these days.  I've written about the weather for cry in out loud!
So let's put the running list on shuffle and see what we come up with!

We Are Young by Fun

This song is great because honestly.  If I didn't convince myself that I was young when I was running-if I thought about my real age? I could never do it.
No Church in the Wild -Jay Z-Kanye and other people

You know I can't run without listening to Jay Z and his here's the kick in your butt you need to get going lyrics.  Let's face it -most days I couldn't go to work without Jay giving me a kick in the butt. I love that this song says -"whats a mile to a king".  I think it says that.  Maybe not but I'm going with it. 

I love the Great Gatsby because it reminds me of home and the driving beat to this song is enough to make me lift my knees when I run.
Treasure!  Bruno Mars-

When ever I listen to Bruno Mars I think about the way he bops around on stage like he's from Motown.  That entertains my head for 2 minutes and 59 seconds.  It's happy it grooves and it bops.

Some Nights by Fun-yes another Fun song.  I admit I'm tired of this one and usually skip it.  But it has a driving beat and it says some nights I don't know anymore.  Like when I lay in bed and my body hurts from running.  I love these guys though.

I'm always surprised that groups put production money into videos any more.   This video is great-maybe I won't skip this song next time.

And number 5 the song I never get sick of -like ever.  When it comes on I usually hit repeat the rest of my run and run a full minute per mile faster.  

Can't Hold Us by Mackelmore.  I know I'm not supposed to like them right now because they are from Seattle and part of the 12th man which kept Colin from the Super bowl.  But I can't help it. I LOVE this song.

Random Pictures Connected to The Songs.