Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Commoner Talks About the Weather

Lately in California all we talk about is the weather.  I know what you are thinking what weather?

Since moving here almost 17 years ago (and yes I'm still adjusting) I have learned that Thanksgiving can be 90 degrees and Easter can be freezing.  Summer doesn't begin until August and there are weird 4 O'Clock winds from March until November.  The winter gets dull and dreary as rain comes in, is heavy, causes flooding, and bad driving.  AND fog is construed as marine layer.

I've learned all of this.  I tell you that I love love love the sunshine and have a hard time dealing with the grey.  I much prefer a New York snow or thunder storm to the gloom the rain causes here.

Having said that.  I will tell you that I am not comfortable with climate change in general.  There was a polar vortex all over the country we had 75 degrees and sunny.

Now the problem with this beautiful weather.  Day after day of 73 degrees and sunshine is that it comes at a cost.  While I generally am anti-rain.  I welcome it once a week or so but I don't like it.  However-I know we will pay for this at some point.  We face a huge drought.  We have already gone to emergency status -which means that we are supposed to cut back by 20%.  Worse yet?  This is our summer and we don't even realize it.  I'm not wearing shorts and my legs are pasty white.

Running will be hard when it rains for a month.  As it is now I run in two temperatures-35 degrees or 80 degrees.

Lake Tahoe has minimal snow which means no one is skiing and enjoying trips to winter.  Not that I ever do but other people do.

Summer for us this year might be cold and wet and no one wants that.

The price of wine, lemons, and salad and nuts will go up and we don't want that.

It means there's an earthquake coming and we don't want that.

Plus it's still 35 degrees in the morning and at night.  Heat still comes up and I'm still wearing boots.  

So please beautiful warm weather-if you are here to stay fine, but if you have other plans in mind-then please come back in June.