Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Commoner's New Years Resolutions

I feel propelled to make some resolutions -1 week late.  Mostly because I have nothing at all to write about.

I will not take any selfies-NONE-EVER

I will go to more parties and eat many sweets.  Like cakes!  I kind of did this this year but I can always improve.
I will learn to play an instrument and join  a band.  Ok -not so much-I'll go to a concert.  Ok -probably not-I'll listen to music on the radio.
I will definitely take a family portrait.  Judging by this one?  I will be the photographer and not appear in the picture.  I kind of have the hang of this.  Remember this one?

I will find time to sit on a bench.  Maybe that bench on the 4 mile rest area of my running trail.  

I will hold someone's baby.  Not sure whose baby-so if you have one let me borrow it.  The baby will cry but that's okay-it's for the sake of a resolution.
I will sit in a big comfortable chair.  I don't really do this very often but this is my year!  (Can I borrow a big comfy chair?)
I will eat a meal of cake outside.  Come on -that will be fantastic.  Who wants to come?  
I will take my favorite pillow and hang out on the beach.  For a nap.  With my sunglasses.  I love the beach this one is easy.

Finally-and seriously-I'll keep running long distances because I love them-even though I have this voice saying come on 10Ks are good enough.