Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Commoner Watches the Grammies

Since I still have nothing to write about I thought I would have you watch the Grammies with me. I've always loved them, because unlike the Oscars I actually know all the songs.  The Oscars?  I never see all the movies until like 2 years later.  So I'm sparing Facebook and watching with you.

You know it's going to be good because it opened with Jay Z and Beyonce.  I have no idea what either of them was saying because they bleeped most of the words but I love those two so that's okay.  I hope they stay together forever.

Guess who won best new artist!  I love them too.  Can you believe they didn't have a label and yet now they are huge?  

Lord Lord was good.  And Nile Rodgers and the Robots.  I have a connection to Nile from the 70s when a friend dated him.  That's right. I ran with an older crowd.  That bully song by some kid I don't know was good too.  I was busy reading the quotes though so I have no idea what the singer was singing.

Now I'm watching Alan Thicke and Chicago.  It's a good collaboration because Alan Thick looks like he is the same age as them. But Lord that's a lot of plastic surgery up there.  Bring on the Blurred Lines.  Beth Matsui are you dancing?
Keith Urban's singing. I like him but I just can't do country music.  Bathroom break.  
John Legend songs bore me too.  Plus he's anti-teacher education reform guy.  He hates teachers.    I boycott his music.

Woo Hoo I love Dave Grohl.  Paul McCarney bores me a lot but he's a legend so it's okay. But why is Dave Grohls friend chewing gum on stage?  That's dumb.

Okay I'm going to say it.  I may be the only American who will dare say this.  But I can't STAND Taylor Swift.  I don't even mind her music but she and her phony act make me crazy.  Please don't show to many shots of her dancing.  I can't take it.
I forgot to say.  I loved  Katy Perry's performance.  And I love Katy Perry too.

Please LET Bruno sing! I can't wait for Sunday-oh wait Pink and the Fun Guy?  I'm in !  Love that song.  Love her.  Taylor you could use some personality lessons from a strong woman-if Pink could stomach talking to you maybe she'll give you some advice.

Seriously?  That Pink trapeze thing is amazing.  And this is one of my favorite songs-the Fun guy one.  I actually liked running to this song.

That Lorde is adorable.  She's like 15 or something right?  Cute.

 It's time to put Ozzy out to pasture. 

 I was actually never a Beatle fan but Ringo Starr reminds me of when I was little and listened to WABC radio.  Did I just see Yoko Ono?  True Fact.  I saw her once in Central Park.  I nodded like 'yo' and she nodded back.

I thought Kendrick Lamar was married to a Kardashian and played basketball.  No?  Love Imagine Dragons though.  Ugh I don't like this collaboration at all.  It's too extreme. Followed by country.  Time for a snack.  Not sure what I hate about country actually but it's probably the only genre of music I will say I hate.  I'm sorry and apologize to all of you.

Trying to not comment on commercials but that Pepsi halftime ad was super fun.  LOL 

Ugh Julia Roberts. She reminds me of Taylor Swift.  I think I don't like her because of the cackle that she has to make in every movie.  I'm sorry it's too sad to see Paul and Ringo.  Just Paul and Ringo.  This song is ridiculous.  Paul-why are you still making new songs? I think you are out of things to say.

Can I ask why Gloria Estefan doesn't make music anymore?  I love her. What a talent.  And Pharrell you are on every album aren't you? Raking in the big bucks.

Ugh more country music. Time for another snack.  Oh Kris Kristofferson (No idea how to spell that one) sadness. Mark Anthony just scared me.  Blake Shelton you are so TALL!  But these crowd shots are great!

GET LUCKY!!! I Love IT! Stevie Wonder?  Nile Rodgers?  This is going to Be so GREAT!  Watch me dance around the room like I always do when this song comes on.
Everyone's dancing-even Yoko!  Grammy dance party

Tapestry was one of my favorite albums in high school.  Sara Baralis kind of bores me.  But props to her for getting to sing with Carole King.  Carole King you are still beautiful.

Lorde looks super nervous.  She's very young and very cute.  She kind of looks like Katie Holmes.  No?  

Lou Reed.  I'm so sad he's gone.  He reminds me of home.  The dirty New York.  He reminds me of high school because that song was so bad to listen to at a young age in catholic school.  I saw him as a guest of U2 in concert once in NY .

I'm not going to lie.  I'm tired.  It's 11 PM.  I have to go to sleep.  I already know all the winners and youtubed the Madonna performance.  Here you go!

I cried a little.  Well I don't cry but if I did I would have.  

Have a great night everyone.