Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Commoner and Coupons

I have to say there was a time when I used coupons.  I clipped them, printed them, organized them, sorted them, shopped for them and at the end of the day I save about 6 dollars and bought a lot of items that I didn't need.  
I finally got tired of clipping them.  I got tired of the hassle and the scissors and the VO5 shampoo.  I switched my weekly shopping to Costco where you don't even need to actually carry the coupons for their stuff.  They just scan one coupon from the register and gave you the deal.  Plus if you shop a list and a list only you really do save money.
You can even join competitve sample tasting.  Where you have to beat out families of 7 for free tastes of sausages.

Safeway recently started this system where you can load coupons onto your account from home and then swipe your card.  Too much work. I'm too busy blogging to have time for this.  Plus I can never get it to work right.
Last weekend we didn't have the time or energy to go to Costco. So I suggested let's go to Safeway.  I have some Safeway coupons. So I went to the circular and cut out coupons for things like a single serve ice cream, cheese, hash browns.  You know the necessities.

They were small and we were so careful to only get the right sizes and amounts.  I had purchased about 5 coupon products.  I'm pretty sure the price difference was 5 cents, but hey I had a coupon.

I get to the cashier and proudly put the coupons on the counter and things go smoothly.   Rob is super happy because he can run again joking and having fun.

The cashier scans the coupons and they go well until you hear the beep.  That beep that says "HOLD ON A MINUTE THIEF YOU HAVE AN ILLEGAL COUPON.  YOU ARE SCAMMING 5 CENTS ON CHEESE.  CALL THE POLICE-LOOK EVERYONE".  

I say Rob find the potatoes, you know it's in one of the 6 bags you've packed.  And we do it and she goes.  These are good.  Then there is another beep.  "FIND THE CHEESE THIEF!"  Apparently I bought the wrong size.  At this time I have had enough.

Yes find the cheese and take it off my bill.  Hey look commoners I saved 4 dollars by not buying the cheese.

Beep-Find the pizza.  You know it's in one of the 6 bags, I think you have the wrong size'THIEF"   You know what?  Keep your friggin pizza.

BOOM I saved another 4 dollars by not buying the pizza.

We left-aggravated and embarrassed and  swearing two things.  NO MORE COUPONS EVER and next time we can't go to Costco we go to Nob Hill!