Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Commoner's Favorite Running Partner

Running for me is therapy.  I'm usually surrounded by people all day long-so that time when I'm running and not really thinking about anything is great.  I also can't really talk and run because it's hard to breath. Plus I don't think I'm a fast runner but I'm very competitive.  So running with other people stresses me out in many ways.

But if you want to run with me I will...

Having said all that I LOVE to listen to music while I run.  For me it's kind of like dancing-without having to stay up late and having to go out!  I spend hours working on my 'workout' play list.

I definitely am fickle and I have been known to pull over by the side of the road to download a song I hear on the radio and add it to the list.

I went through a Pit Bull Phase.  I love Pit Bull.  What's not to love.  He's Mr. World Wide and the Zumba king.  Lately though every time his song comes on and I'm running I think ugh-him again?  Delete.

(If you see Mr. World WIde-Don't mention this to him-I'm a little afraid of him!)

I'm a classic rock fan too.  Let's be honest I remember when U2 was New Wave but I digress.  Lately I've been a little tired of Bruce, U2, and Yes even the Rolling Stones.  They will come on and I'll be like-yes you know it-ugh.
(Tom Petty you have not been cut yet -but you are wearing a little thin).

You may be disappointed to know that my musical running taste runs a little on the rap side.  Yes I said runs -I'm cracking my self up tonight.  Kanye and Fifty Cent are still on heavy rotation.  That's right B****es.  They are mean and they have attitude.  I need a little of that even though I'm disappointed in Kanye's choice of a baby mama.  Jesus still runs with me.  (Oh boy there I go again).

I listen to a lot of top 40.  During my race the other day I was running at my best to a song about Popping Tags.  I don't know what that is and I don't know what it means but I'm pretty sure it has to do with shopping.  If not-don't judge-that's what I'm going with.

You'll also find some Disney music, some country music, some slow sappy music, a lot of modern stuff like Mumford and Sons and I love FUN and even Jason Mraz.

The top song to run to based on beats per minutes is Boys of Summer.  That's what I'm told. I love that song so it works.

But there's one artist who reigns supreme.  I have lots of his songs on my play list which numbers 100 songs on shuffle.  One of his songs is a mandatory sing a long with the chorus out loud song.  It's a rule.  No matter how tired or where I am when it starts I HAVE to sing out loud with Heart of the City.  Yes fellow commoners my favorite singing partner is non other than 

Mr. Jay Z.  The new Sinatra.  Mr. New York. 

Who would have thought.