Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Commoner is Hungry

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Have you missed me?  Did you think I forgot about you?  Not a chance. I've been thinking about  writing every day for a week.  The problem is that I've been sidetracked.  By what you wonder?  Is it shoes, or the latest Today's Special Value on QVC?  Is it my new favorite show Southie Rules? Or perhaps my obsession with the 49ers going to the Super Bowl.

Nope none of these.  This week I have been insatiably hungry.  All the time.  No matter what I eat.  Hungry, hungry, hungry.  This is a problem for me because I'm never hungry.  I have a personal quote that I live by.  If you've ever spent anytime with me you know it.  Eating has nothing to do with being hungry.  Because I'm NEVER hungry. Hence, I'm never hungry and always eating.

It could be the fact that half marathon training is in full swing, it could be the cold weather, it could be stress...who knows.  I'm hungry all the time.  

Nothing is working either, not the increase in protein or fiber rich filler foods, not the increase in liquids to fill up my stomach, not the feed bag of Hawain potato chips from Costco -nothing.

I even had McDonalds for lunch one day.  Not the happy meal I occasionally allow myself-No sire Bob.  Full on Number 6-Quarter pounder no cheese and large fries.  Nothing.

I often stand in front of the pantry and I stare-my eyes searching form something magical that can satisfy this longing.  I know it's chocolate and it has sugar.  

But-it's not the Cadbury from Ireland that's still lingering (Flakes aren't that good and are really messy).  It's not the emergency Oreos with chocolate filling that I carry for Hesta meetings.  It's not chocolate chips, hot cocoa or leftover Christmas candy.

I think I know what it is.  Today I really though about it.  I pictured what it was and I visualized like Michael Phelps before an Olympic swim.  There's only one thing that can make this hunger go away.

donuts_w2You know I can't have this.  I'm not even going to New York this year.  Gosh I'm so hungry.  Maybe I'll go to a donut shop and buy a poor substitute, or book a trip.