Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Commoner Roams Around Dublin

Are you still wondering about that temper tantrum throwing child sitting behind me on the 7 1/2 hour flight to Chicago?  I'll get to that next time, but I have to tell you about some great things about my trip.

I've been to Ireland a half a dozen times or so, but most trips involve visits with relatives, trips to Pennys for deals, and sometimes a trip to the pub.  This time I was determined things would be different.

Before we left, I googled 'Things to do In Dublin'.  My initial list included Guiness, Book of Kells, James Joyce Cultural Center, Jameson s, and my favorite Food, Folklore, and Fairies.  I became obsessed with that one.  What I found out was that Trip Adviser let me download an app with tons of things to do based on where I was.

Trinity College?  Loved it.  Why did I never go there?  Book of Kells?  Closed.  How are the Book of Kells closed?  I don't get it.  Okay we'll come back on Wednesday for that.

We went to Kilkenny wool shops, St. Theresa's church, Brazenhead Pub  (although not the Fairy part), Brewley's Tea Shop, Guinness, and Jameson's to name a few.

The best part about the Trip Advisor App, you could hit the button that said near me.  Then this green arrow will lead you where you want to go.  LOVE THAT.

Seeing how I had no data plan in Ireland and no Wi-Fi at Anne's house-I became the Free Wi-Fi professional of Dublin.  I could smell out the free Wi-Fi places-(Tons of them really) log on and check in with everyone on Facebook, and nag my kids with text messages. 

Walking up O'ConnellGrafton, and Henry's Street I had some observations.

First of all-Dublin's usually full of Americans.  Not true this time, hardly any within in sight or hearing (you have to listen for the accent), secondly-Dubliners are rude.  They will push you around they will cut in front of you, they won't hold the door for you, and they wont make eye contact (which I also love because I hate making eye contact-but in Hollister, you have to).

I was told by the relatives that the rude Dubliners were not Dubliners but if fact from Poland, Russia, or Romania.

Next I'll tell you about Jamesons.  I loved it there.