Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Commoner Goes to the Jameson's Museum

As I told you, on this trip to Dublin, I was determined to sight see.  My Trip Advisor App, told me that I had to go to the Jameson's factory.  Great I said, Jameson's is my favorite drink.

Don't be shocked, but I'm a Jameson's champ.  There's nothing like it, a quick shot and it warms your whole body.  Unlike tequila which goes straight to your head-Jamesons takes the long way there.  

Well first of all It's not a factory.  The factory is somewhere else in Ireland-I can't remember where -you can google it.  Maybe in Cork?  Yes I think Cork.  Regardless-they had free wi-fi there and it's friggin Jamesons!

Jamesons was one of the few places that I actually ran into some Americans.  How do I know?  We were chastised for our style of drinking Jamesons.  Yes we were scolded and demeaned.  More on that later.

I learned alot about Jamesons.  I learned that there were a lot of mice in the factory so Jameson had a lot of cats.  His original master cat was stuffed right there for all to see.

I learned other things, like it's triple distilled, which takes a long time.  Scotch whiskey and our hometown favorite Jack are double and single distilled.  Isn't that just like the Scotts and Americans.

Next I learned that they imported their barrels from America, and a few other places I can't remember.  They wanted barrels from places where the barrels were used for vanilla something and honey something and some other something.  (Does it really matter).  The funny Irish tour leader told us this gives Jamesons it's smooth taste.  Taste?  I thought?  Who tastes Jamesons?

We continued on our tour, looking at mashers and all kinds of machines that are used to make this wonderful whiskey when we finally got to the very pretty tasting room/bar.  

Now earlier in the tour we were asked if we wanted to do a whiskey tasting.  Everyone in the family looked at me and my response was I don't actually taste the whiskey.  So I declined.

We were also given an opportunity to choose Jameson's straight or Jameson's with ginger ale and lime.    I took the ginger ale one Rob chose straight which meant I would get both -and all at 11:30AM!!!! So cool.

So I watched the taste test from afar, which was of course rigged since they knew what they were tasting -but before it began the contestants were given one final warning-"Americans this is not a shot contest, you should not drink Jamesons as a shot you should sip it!"  Wait -WHAT?  Who would do that?  Who could do that?  Apparently the whole nation of Ireland.

So I drank my gingerale/whiskey which was really delicious.    Then I reached for the straight up whiskey and chugged it down.  Every one at the table, my whole Irish family, said to the ugly American  "DON'T DO THAT!!!!".

I had to tell the people back home, my cousin the bar owner, my friend the Whiskey drinker no one could believe it.  But I've learned and won't make that mistake again.

Yesterday I went to see the movie Broken City with Marky Mark Wahlberg.  There's a scene where he's in a bar and orders Jamesons.  You know what he did with it?  He shot it down (is that what you say? No clue).  I was like WAIT Marky Mark don't do that!