Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Commoner Parks Her Car


Parking your car seems to be a pretty involved activity for most people.  Some like to park far and walk, some like to take two spots and protect their precious wheels, some like to look for the best spot available, some like shade, some like to use handicapped placards. 

Me?  I have two demands on parking.  Number 1; I need a really wide spot because my terrible parking skills are both epic and famous.  Admit it-you've probably left me a note with compliments on it.

The second demand on parking is to remember where I put the car.  I have tons of pictures on my cell phone as to where I put my car.  Sometimes my reminder is a note on my cell phone as to the cross street.

I'm sure these problems are due to the wonderful mini van -recently crushed by a garbage truck-.  This van was the auto love of my life.  The first and only car bought for me-not a hand me down.  But it had a terrible turn base and was hard to park.  Also somewhere along the line the clicker stopped working and thus you couldn't beep for it.

So last week when I met fellow commoner Kristen she requested that we meet at the opposite side of the Farmers Market than we usually meet at.  She has an appt. there and the asparagus side was much closer to her than the popcorn side (although they don't actually sell popcorn on the popcorn side-they moved that to the food vendor side but I digress)

 I had no problem with this as I'm always willing to help a commoner out, but if you know anything about my OCD-you already know that this wasn't going to go well for me.

This side of the farmers market is a challenge.  I drove up and down side streets trying to find spots that were both big enough and not too far from the actual market.  I drove past the park and some shady transaction that was going on.  I went up sixth, down fifth, up south, down, seventh, up and down up and down and at this point I knew I was late when -voila -a marvelous spot.

 So as I walked toward the farmers market I quickly glanced up and put the address in my phone for later usage.   433 South Street and off I was to find Kristen

I bought a lot at farmers market last week-corn, onions, potatoes, bread, 2 tri-tip sandwiches, my shopping bag was full and it was time to leave. 

We passed Kristen's car and I declined the chance to get a ride to my car because I was sure I had only walked a couple of blocks.  But my phone said South Street so I kept walking. 

Finally it dawned on me- I had not walked this far, this bag was heavy, and conceivabley  I could be walking for miles looking for my car.

So as Kristen flagged down with a wave and said I think I need a ride because I'm not sure where my car is!  And we drove up all the streets with an S until we got to 7th street and there it was.

I sometimes wonder if I'm losing my mind-hello alzheimers-or if its some sort of ADD where I never stop and pay attention to anything.

Who knows?  I can't even remember what I was talking about.