Monday, June 25, 2012

The Commoner Drops a Jean Size

Summer for me always starts with two large binges.  I must go through this process simply to purge myself of the doldrums of a Northern California spring (kind of cold and windy) and the prospect of a summer filled with relaxation and free time.  Those two binges are-eating and shopping. 

I run a lot and I drink a lot of water-especially coconut water.  But other than that it's candy, and other things that are really bad for you.  I've since sworn off candy but that's a story for another day.

The shopping is another issue, and there's nothing you can do except work your way through it.  It was on a shopping trip with my friend Orian at the Calvin Klein Outlet that I by chance decided to try on a cute dress that was in the fitting room, rejected by some other shopper, that I decided to try on-yes it's that bad.

Now Orian is an attorney and her husband is an executive at Pepsi, she lives in Atlanta and is one of my best friends-she's still a commoner though-her obsession is Coach and we have a coach outlet.  But I digress...

Well that pretty little dress was a size 6-I didn't care I figured I was trying stuff on anyway let me try it...and IT FIT-in fact the sales woman insisted it was too big and got the 4 for me to try.  Although that fit -it was a little too short...and I bought it!

The next day I was at the Eddie Bauer outlet.  (I told you this was a problem).  I was trying on shorts-it's my theory that everyone should wear shorts if they aren't working.  No matter how nippy it may be or how heavy you may think you are-if it's summer and you aren't working you should be wearing shorts. 

A few days later I was going to San Jose to meet my son for lunch.  He works in a mall and I was walking through Macy's when I found another size 6 pair of shorts-of course I bought them.

Okay one more test-this time the ultimate test of all-that's right jeans.  And I had to know I was getting them from a place that was true to size.  Meaning they couldn't be oversized so off to the GAP I went.  Hello!!!! They fit-I could bend I could zip, they went over my legs, I could sit.  These were the ideal jeans.

I didn't buy them though.  Although I'm a chronic shopper the rule is -never pay full price.  I filled out one of those survey receipt things though and I have 20% off coming to me-I will buy those jeans.