Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Commoner

I have a few things to say-I'm too tired for words.  3 biggest thoughts of October in Pictures.

 I'm in denial about the above.  How am I that old?  Where did the time go?  I'm so glad I've been running away from that while training for the marathon the past 4 months and that I will be so busy that day I won't even be able to think about it.

I've had enough with that marathon.  I'm tired of talking about it and thinking about it and worrying about it. I'm not tired of the running.  But really? I couldn't rest on my laurels and stick with super fun Half Marathons?  Why am I doing this?  It's my friggin birthday .  I'm so old!  However...I will be the youngest person in my age group so I should win right?
Here is another one of my bright ideas.  I can't have a regular mid life crisis.  you know-buy a sports car, wear super short skirts, go to Vegas.  No my midlife crisis involves running a marathon and going for my Masters Degree.  

I have a great gig as a teacher.  I work in the best school and have the best kids! What am I thinking? I'm thinking I don't want to be one of those teachers who are old and cranky in the classroom.  I need to have options.

Didn't I think this was going to be hard?  This is so hard! They've changed college since I made dean's list at Post.  They have new ways of writing papers, articles to read which I can't even get through, and of course I'm going to school in Silicon Valley.   Everyone in Silicon Valley is super smart.  I'm not kidding.  This was the dumbest thing I've done since-well see number 2.

I'm tired. I have to go to sleep.  Have a great rest of the week.