Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Commoner and a Brand New Season

Not football.  Football is already over.  The Niners suck, the Giants suck, I'm left with the Jets.  I've moved on-

You guys know that my first and ever love is TV.  It goes back to the days of The Monkeys, The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.  

September is a great month.  The new TV season.  Even though now there are many many starts and stops to a season the fall season is still the big one.  I have to wonder when my taste switched from funny comedies to deep dark dramas.

All of them give me night mares.  All of them are disturbing.  Here's what I've been watching.


Breaking Bad-
Oh Walt what have you done?
I will miss you though.

Sons of Anarchy
What is going on with that creepy, deeply disturbing Marshall.  If he sets up Jimmy Smitts?  That's it. I'm done

and tonight I watched SVU Law and Order my summer obsession

 It made me sick.

I haven't even gotten to American Horror Story or Homeland yet.  

Real Housewives where have you gone?