Friday, April 6, 2012

The Commoner LOVES Baseball and Opening Day

I tried to post a video of John Fogerty singing Centerfield.  I found a few but somehow posting them didn't work out for me.  What can I say?  Nothing

Anyway-next to horse racing and maybe Islander Hockey, baseball is perhaps the sport I've loved the longest.  Even thought there are years, perhaps decades that can pass where I pay no attention to what's going on-I've always loved it.

Opening day is especially wonderful.  Although I honestly don't know exactly what constitutes 'opening day'.  Is it the first game played by any team? Is it the first home game of your favorite team? Is it the first away game of your favorite team?  I have no idea.  Pick one.

It doesn't really matter because opening day means the beginning of warm weather, long lazy days, and infinite possibilities.   Those first few days of baseball every team has the possibility of winning the series, like the first day in class at college when you still have an A.

So open a cold one-have a hot dog, get some peanuts and go to the ball park IT's OPENING DAY -(or will be, or was)