Monday, August 29, 2011

A Commoner Causes An Earthquake and A Hurricane

Don’t laugh.  The day this commoner goes to the mall and doesn’t buy anything is the action that put into motion a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia and a hurricane that tour up the east coast and vacated New York City.   This commoner has a shopping problem-remember the capris?  It had been a long time since I’d been to a mall and I had a lot to do. 

First of all I worked summer school to buy a Mac Book-and I was ready, so I wanted to go to the Apple Store and play with its wilderness and ask questions.  If I liked it my son Joe who works for Apple is going to get me a discount.  And don’t ask him any questions about the I phone 5-he gets really jittery and tells you he doesn’t know anything.  I think Steve Jobs owns his soul because he was lying and I knew it.

So we sauntered into the heaven that is the Apple Store and I bee lined for the glorious Mac Books.  But they can smell a window shopping commoner a mile away and not one-not a single one of those blue shirt wearing apple guys comes my way.  Well I’m a go getter and I march over and ask for help.  I asked a million questions-basked in the apple glory-and then walked away-because I get a family discount and now I know what I want.  First stop zero purchase.

Next, on to Macys.  I love Macys so much that my retirement plan is to work at Macys.  I love everything about it.  I love it because its form NY and the parade and the Santa are something I grew up with my whole life.  Its home.  And we have a great one in San Jose-the second best in the country.  But I’m in Monterey.

That’s okay-I love Style and Company-Macy’s own brand where prices are cheap and style is high.  I’m shopping with Rob-he’s a good sport and never tells me not to buy anything.  Plus I’m in full ammo for this –a $50 dollar gift card and a 20% off coupon.  I’m ready and I haven’t been to a Macys in MONTHS.  I march around the upstairs-looking and searching and finally found my section. It was small, it was feeble, it had only garish, flowery, and clothes that looked like tents.  I try some stuff on and I love nothing.  So I buy nothing.  

That was it! A trip to PF Changs to cash in a gift card from last June that this trip to the mall netted in a total expense of $25.  

I hope this doesn’t convict me to the world of reformed shoppers.  But just a few days later there was a 5.9 earthquake on the east coast followed by a devastating hurricane…..I’m just saying-never underestimate the power of a commoner.