Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Commoners Teach Summer School

3 of the 4 regular commoners-will pretty much do anything (within reason of course) for a buck.  We're commoners and we need the money.  This includes miscellaneous workshops, classes, after school tutoring, and gasp -working summer school.  Summer school.  We worked it for many different reasons.  One of my main reasons was to keep from watching 18 hours a day of Reality TV. 

Now I'm not going to bore you with day to day stories of what went on in summer school.  Sweet stories about children learning and enhancing their academic careers.  No way.  I'm going to tell you about the things that happened to us while we spent exactly (no more-no less) than 4 and 1/2 hours a day in school.  The rest of our lives which were wound around that time frame.

For one month-the entire month of July actually-we trudged to work-enjoyed the lunch room-had fun Fridays-went out to lunch and returned home.  It wasn’t bad really-it was well run, the kids were easy, and the people we worked with were so much fun.  Every one of them.  Why can’t the regular school year be this great?  It can’t –that’s why.  And while we all did this; summer went on-and so did our escapades.

There were many common themes this summer amongst most of the commoners.  One of them was camping.  I’ve lost track of how many people were going camping.  Camping is something I really don’t understand and have never done.  It’s probably connected to one of my many phobias or my general dislike of nature. But people seem to really like to camp.  

Both Kristen and Rosa and our friend Maria were going camping.  That’s not really both but you know what I mean..  Camping seems to involve a lot of packing, prepping, driving, planning, long lost family members, and a few days off from work.  I hear it’s fun. That’s what campers tell themselves anyway.    Kristen spent several sleepless nights worried about bear attacks to which ever part of California she was going to.  Now I know this much-I stay away from bears and they stay away from me.  But campers-and in this case Kristen- were venturing out into bear territories.  She talked about pots and pans and spoons, bear traps, making herself bigger, making herself smaller, screaming, and being quiet-lots of remedies.  We were happy to find out that no bears attacked her-although she left a night early because she was freezing.  I think that sounds like a lot of fun-don’t you?

Relay for Life is a 24 hour event put on by the American Cancer Society as a fund raiser for cancer and curing it.  This happens every August and is a pretty big deal in Hollister.  Both Rosa and Kristen are on teams.  Kristen’s team has dozens of members and is the biggest team that raises the most money every year.  Rosa’s team is not.  Rosa’s team is her family and is gathered in honor of her father and his ongoing battle with cancer.  Rosa’s team is less organized, smaller, and doesn’t make quite as much money as Kristen’s.

So Rosa’s team had some catching up to do.  Luckily Rosa’s family is all about food and  that meant everyone was happy!  First we got to buy Pan Dolce.  Now people that know me know I was not raised exposed to this tasty treat-so every time I said I wanted to buy one of those cookies I got crooked looks.  Crooked looks are not dirty I want to kill you looks-they mean –what the heck are you talking about.  These are not cookies –they are bread.  Who knew? Not me-I just love them.  So after a game of how many calories in one Pan Dolce (because I had one and wanted another) I had downed two of these babies before the end of the day.  Rosa made 48 dollars because those cookies are great-KIDDING.

Rosa’s next endeavor for Relay for Life was tamales.  Now tamales are also foreign to me-I don’t really understand the corn husk thing-and I always figure the less food I like the less I will eat.  Anyway Rosa was taking orders and people were lining up for them and me? I just kept asking for those cookies.  These tamales involved her whole family gathering and assembling varied deliciousness for all who waited for them.  A lot of work but very popular.  Seeing how baseball Rob doesn’t eat tamales-and I didn’t need a whole dozen I skipped this offer and crossed my fingers that someone who bought them would invite me to dinner-hello-I’m still waiting!!

Now me?  What you may or may know about me is that I have trouble weeding out my closet.  I have clothes from high school and yes I still wear them.  I have taken up 3 closets in my house with my very organized closet and found out last year that I owned 37 pairs of Capri pants.  Now before you send for the producers of Hoarders  (please put the phone down!)  I actually have been working on this problem.  So the challenge for me for the 20 days of summer school was to wear a different pair of capris every day.  

I know that’s not very interesting-not very funny-and not very common-so I’ll give you the stats.  I made it except for 3 days.  For two of the days it never even got in the 70s so it was too cold to wear capris.  One of the days I couldn’t work because I came down with a fever.  Of the 37 capris 27 survived the cut-some I haven’t tried on, some may or may not fit.  My summer school principal almost gave me an award-but still a good stat.  This school year I’ll be working my way through the dress section.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well that was our four weeks.  While you read this we are currently sitting in a math training that will take the whole week.  I’m not wearing capris, no one’s going camping, and I’m sure there won’t be any of those great cookies.