Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Commoner Boycots Dunkin Donuts

I'm not kidding!  You think I'm kidding? I'm not.  Those who are friends with me in person or on facebook know a few things about me for sure (thanks Oprah).  Number 1 I never really wanted to move to California but I actually don't hate it here.  Number 2-I miss the food in New York a lot -especially Dunkin Donuts.  First stop of any trip made to the motherland.

I have never found a Dunkin Donuts in California.  They don't exist here.  People in California will swear they know where a Dunkin Donuts is -within the boundaries of our fair state.  They know they have been there.  They will even tell you where they've seen it.  But I tell them I've googled, I've traveled- it doesn't exist.  Well, friends, it may have existed in the past, but it doesn't in the present and probably not in the future.  

A few Sundays ago I was reading the San Jose Mercury News-like I do every week-when I came across an article about Dunkin Donuts.  I held my breath, I thanked Jesus, and then I read it.  Although Dunkin Donuts is planning the largest expansion in the West EVER-they have no plans now or in the foreseeable future to venture into the state of California.

Now mind you-California buys the most bagged DD coffee of any state in the country.  That alone means they should be here.  We've invented In and Out Burger, Carl's Jr., Sprinkles and the cupcake revolution were born here, and my personal favorite Pinkberry.  But Dunkin won't open stores here in our state?  ARE YOU KIDDING?  ARE YOU STUPID OR ARE YOU DRUNK?   Don't you know there is no west without California?

So alas Dunkin, as so many other things you are on my 'list'.  Not the good list either.  The list I keep of people and places -real and fake-that I want nothing more to do with.  So on my next trip to New York -soon I hope-there will be no bee line for the Dunkin-there will be no more dozens in that stupid flat box.  I'll pass you by and get a canolli instead.  Maybe I'll get a chocolate sprinkled cookie, or a bagel.  Maybe -just maybe I'll pass you over for Starbucks.

There's no comeback from this one-not until I can get a Dunkin in the Golden State-It's time to make the donuts-here in California