Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Commoner ISN"T Going to Run Around Like a Crazy Person

You will remember back in the spring when it was time to find out if my entry in the NYC Marathon had been accepted.  You will remember this because I reposted that post today so you would.  You will remember that after a much botched selection process I was not chosen and I was very disappointed.

A lot has happened since then,  I had a trip to New York which was a flying nightmare, I've started training for a half marathon in San Jose which was a blast and the latest?  New York is waiting out Hurricane Sandy which is said to be the storm of a lifetime, which hits -sometime soon, not sure when but would have made for horrible flying conditions -and buy conditions I'm not referring to the bumpiness on the flight but just trying to get there.

The half marathon was perfect-every thing about it!  Plus at this point I've resigned myself to not needing to go to NY  to run a marathon or whatever.  I can run them anywhere-with a lot less hassle.

PhotoSometimes the stars align and you don't always get what you want but as the Rolling Stones said "You get what you need".  

So here are the top 10 reasons why I'm glad I"m not running in the New York City Marathon  (although of course I'll try again next year).

10.  There's a hurricane coming
9.  I hate packing
8.  I would have missed Halloween at my school-oh wait wrong list.
7.  I would have had a panic attack crossing the bridge in a large crowd.
6.  The closest the Verrazano bridge comes really close to falling      down from the pounding of feet of the people in the marathon
5.  I would have been really tired from all of that training
4.  I would want to stop and buy pretzels on every corner
3.  Winning the event would have put me in a higher tax bracket
2.   It would make my knee hurt.

and the top reason for not wanting to run in the NYC Marathon?
1.  Why would I run through the 5 burrows when there are perfectly good subways.

So New York, I'm not really sorry that I am missing this event, although I will gladly do it if I'm among the 8% of people who make it  through the lottery system.

If I do a marathon I will do it as part of a race that really wants me there, not one that has made it clear-you're not welcome people from other states/nations, etc.