Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Commoner's New Hair

Don't be ridiculous this isn't me or my hair.  This is Chaz Dean and he makes Wenn Hair Care Products.  Chaz represents the perfect marriage of many of my favorite things.

He was on one of my favorite reality shows-Flipping Out.  Flipping out has the guy Jeff who could be my brother and he flips houses.  He tells it like it is and makes no apologies.  He was remodeling Chaz's studio and ran into a problem because Chaz let a homeless woman named Spirit live in his back yard.  Jeff didn't like Spirit living outside of a Beverly Hills Salon and wanted her gone in spite of the fact she had lived there for many years and   In the midst of this argument Spirit died and Chaz was so sadly upset about it.  What a great guy he is-myself and Jeff were both touched.

Next, he sells his products on QVC.  He's  a nice, likeable guy and his products come in HUGE bottles and are available on Easy Pay.  And when you watch him on  TV you get to see what a really great guy he is-so of course I have his pomegranate hair care kit.  I have to .  What kind of person would I be if I didn't support this great guy.

A few weeks ago I went to a new stylists and when I told her I wanted layers she had another suggestion-EXTENSIONS!!!  Can you imagine a commoner with extensions? Well you've met one now.  I don't have a lot just a few to fill out my head, but I have them and they are fantastic.

The one thing about extensions she told me was that I couldn't go underwater in a hot tub or go to sleep with a wet head.  So I bought the special brush and wa lla.  Extensions.  

But I'll tell you this, as great as they look when I get tired they kind of bother me. I start playing with them and they can annoy me.  But I've found the perfect solution.  Wenn Cleansing Conditioner.

Although I've had this product for a long time I've never used it until now.  But I know that Chaz says you have to use a lot of it.  Like a ton of it.  Like 30 pumps, the more the better and if you don't do it right your hair will be greasy which will make my extensions hurt more.

So I watched the video and followed the directions-wet head-30 pumps -massage-wait -rinse-and you know what?  It's so great.  My hair smells good, it looks good (come on you know it does), my extensions are clean and conditioned and I so much more zen.

So if you want to try something uncommon try it.  Try Wenn hair care-you'll look fabulous.  Sorry homeless people, you can't live behind my house.