Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Commoner Gives Up On A Boycott

I was looking through the stats to my blog this week to see what everyone was reading when I noticed that my Starbuck's boycott had suddenly spurned some interest and I thought -hmm  I need to update this one so people know where I stand now.

I gave up-well sort of.

Here's how it works, if I'm running late I just make an extra cup at home.  That's easy , I have a Keruig and I have disposable cups with the covers-so I'll do that.  (sorry green folk, but know I reuse the cup all day.)

If I'm not running late I drive to Starbucks.  It's not out of the way, but it is a little further than if I go directly to school.  I park, I get out of the car, I open the door to Starbucks, I look in.  If there are more than two people on line (that means three)  I don't even go in.  

I'm not sure what people have thought I'm doing all these times I walk out.  I walk out typically three times a week.

If I don't go in I have plan C.  I go to work, where I have a hot pot, lots of via packs, creamer, and more disposable cups with lids and I make my coffee there.

Yes I totally understand that my coffee routine is complicated.  I'm always out there concerned about that second cup of coffee.  Whether it's from home, Starbucks, or work.

I started going back because one weekend I was in there with my husband and they said they missed me and why didn't I come in in the mornings anymore.  Was something wrong?  My husband -sensing a scene- left the store.  I just replied that I am trying to manage my mornings more effectively, but don't worry I use Via.  I felt a little bad.

Somehow on Facebook I have a friend named Matthew Keys.  He's one of those people I don't really know but he's a friend and he works for Reuters as a reporter.  His job is very  exciting.  This is a cut and paste from his page today, which I'm telling you so hopefully my dear life long friend Matthew won't sue me.

Starbucks has started using cochineal dye to color some of its beverages; the dye is made from ground up insects. When questioned about whether or not Starbucks uses bugs in its drinks, it didn't exactly deny the report...

That's right INSECTS-the boycott has just started again.