Saturday, April 4, 2015

Binge Television Watching

I am the person who simply must have the TV or radio on to do my homework.  It has always been that way.  But finishing my master's will for sure be known as the binge watching to end all binge watching opportunity of my life time.    

I haven't taken up smoking yet-although this month and the big finish may drive me to it.  But I love Mad Men and the series is ending and I digress.....

There have been two very opposite shows that have taken me through this last semester.  The first was Parenthood.
I have avoided this show because all the wholesome people I know what it and I usually steer clear of manipulative wholesome programming.  I'm much better with dirty stuff like the Sopranos.

Shows that make you feel tough enough to do things like run marathons, finish master's projects, and handle work related politics.  

But so many people raved about this show and come on who doesn't like Craig T Nelson.  A familiar face from the 80s.
So I learned lots of things from this show which sucked me right in.

  • No one in this family married anyone else with a family
  • They managed to include almost every group of person there is
  • They all seemed to make a lot of money even though work was sporadic.
  • That chick from Gilmour Girls still annoys the crap out of me
  • Will any of these actors ever work again.
  • There were 1000 episodes.  I'm not kidding.
I also was inspired by them to re do my back yard.  

And yes I cried at the end.

The second show -more suited to my taste.  This show was House of Cards.
Holy Crap is all I can say.  
  • Almost every episode I find my self saying OMG Did I just see that?
  • Tony Soprano on steroids.   That's what this show is
  • The relationship between him and Robin Wright is amazing-okay the characters anyway
  • Do they really do this in Washington?  Why yes I think they do
  • Seriously I can't take how good this show is.
  • How did they get the Princess Bride to look like a man.  Seriously love her style but she is very man ish.  Which really does suit her character anyway.  She's a strong woman
  • What made these great movie stars say Yes I'll do a show for the internet.
Hold on though.  We also got a decorating idea from them too.
I'm totally redoing my bedroom to look like this.

So now I've been cheered on enough by Craig T Nelson to get through the work of my masters and toughened up and espionaged enough to ready myself for whatever it is that comes after.

Suggestions for my next show to binge watch ?