Sunday, March 10, 2019

Enough Rain!!!!!!

It seems to me that since January it has been raining. Pretty much all the time for three months.  Anyone who knows me Knows I HATE RAIN.  I have a molecular reaction to  anytime it rains for more than one day.  So you can imagine the way I'm reacting to those clouds on every single day of my google weather app.

It rains all the time around here so we have to adjust.  I have learned how to drive in it, I have learned how to run both in the rain and on the treadmill, I've learned to walk around in it.  

So this weekend I had to get a 9 mile run in because I am training for the Shape Magazine Women's Half Marathon in Central Park.  I'm not playing with this I am running. 

So I drove to Morgan Hill, popped on a baseball cap (which I will only wear when it rains),  donned a jacket which would keep me dry and went out for a fantastic 9 mile run.  And did it.  Before the rain

My theory of less running is actually working.

And then there's Benjie.  He's getting used to the rain and going out in it.  I still refuse to walk in the rain but will try and get him that today.  We'll see.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Guess Who's Back

Guess Who is back????

No it's me.  I'm back.  There's so much going on I have to bring back the blog.

So let's talk about three things I'm obsessed with.

First of all.  There's Benjie.  Benjie has decided to become extra adorable in his old age.  It could be that he misses Bella .  It could be he's stepping up .  But there are so many great pictures of him and great things that he does.  Follow me on instagram.  You will see him there.

My other obsession lately is baking.  In November I watched the Great British Baking Show.  I was hooked.  If these people had such joy with baking then so would I.  I vowed to bake every weekend and I have.  I hope my staff likes baked goods because I'm going to be feeding them weekly.

And then finally there's running.  Yes I'm still running.  I'm training for another marathon!  I've made peace with the treadmill (it's been raining for 3 months) and feeling strong and at peace with the sport. I've realized given how old I am AND working 14 hour days.  I'm just happy to run.  Plus ! I'm an ambassador!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Commoner Goes to Vegas and The Streak is ALIVE

I was taking my summer vacation in Las Vegas.  4 days in Sin City.  
Plus I was on a work out streak which I kept alive thanks to an easy workout schedule and sheer determination.

Here are some highlights
 This looks like two pictures.  It's not.  I don't even know how to do that.
 I will only fly this cattle prod airline to Las Vegas, LA, and Seattle.  That's it.  But they got us there on time and didn't lose our luggage.

 We stayed in the Venetian and had this great suite.  IT was a great room with 3 tvs.  Also it hosted the Teen Ms. USA Pagaent
 The Heat was ridiculous
 Look at this beautiful magical sunset.
I could go to this bakery every single day many times a day.
 The Bellagio Fountains
 Delmonico's because I love Emeril and didn't get to go to New Orleans
 I loved how the bakery made no apologies.  So Good

The Michael Jackson show was so amazing.

When it is 108 degrees -you should definitely watch a fire show.

 The streak is alive
The Giants are on a slide and so I went to Emerill's stadium -ate AMAZING Pizza and watched the game on FIVE tvs.

I'll be back on Vegas for a short trip in October.  I will eat more Carlos cannoli's for sure.  Also I won $170 on the Willie Wonka Slot machine

I have to go back to work and I'm on season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. Just a few more episodes and I will have completed 294 summer run of a show I swore I would never watch and ended up really loving.

Back to work and keep on running.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wharf to Wharf and All the Fun

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Let's talk about Wharf to Wharf.  It's special.  It was my first ever race!  Look at me there crossing the finish line.  (this year there was not one single picture of me at all)

That's okay.  I have this picture of traffic on the way to the race.

I'm not sure if this is the best thing to eat and drink the night before the race but it didn't seem to hurt
I'm trying to keep balance.
So Rob's not running and he was my support.  He dropped me off at the shuttles and met me at the finish and was totally pissy because he can't run.  So I'm firing him from the marathon.

But let's talk about training!
I have a coach this training cycle.  I have a coach because I never thought I would run again after this.
I cried the whole week because it hurt so bad.  But I got into the NY Marathon-my dream race and I needed someone to get me through training this time.

So coach puts me on this heart rate training where I sometimes ride a bike and sometimes run.  All by heart rate and minutes training.  And I'm not going to lie.  I'm stubborn and thought this is a joke because I'm running so easily and slowly.
But here are some things that are happening!

  • I was on the way to running/riding every day in July when I realized probably it's been since June and it has.  33 days straight and still going (my goal is to see how long this goes)  This is a thing now
  • I am running my fastest race times in years
  • I feel less stress running because I'm not killing myself
  • Nothing is hurting
  • I actually have a race pace now.  I've never had that.
  • I'm fitter and stronger than ever
Now I'm not kidding myself I know the training will get hard.  It hasn't even started yet.  But I know what's coming and I know I'll be ready

So Wharf to Wharf?  It was awesome

On another note summer vacation is almost over.  I'm sad.   

And I have no song....

But here's another book I read this summer.  People swear this book is life changing.  My life was not changed.  But I tend to be shallow in the summer.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Goats, Marathon Training, Desserts, Drinks, and Hamburgers

Today was a super easy 20 minute run day.  I don't really mind those.   They are slow and necessary and that's fine. 
I'm not one of those runners who stops and takes pictures.  It's a pain.  I have to stop my phone, stop my watch, stop my feet.  But today I did.  I stopped because right there on my route were these guys

They saw me-I saw them and we ran toward each other like Lassie and Billy.  Look at those faces!!!! There was a baby goat too but by then the dogs were going crazy and I needed to get out of there.  But really ! Those faces!

Today's songs were the love section.  Those could be sleepers.  Since I was running slow I didn't  really need Kanye or JayZ so the love songs were kind of nice.

I could pick Love is a Battlefield.  But I went with this real oldie.  I have a soft spot for Linda.  She dated Jerry Brown when he was cool (er) -hey he still has swagger.  Her songs bring back to a fun time.  And Linda has parkinsons just like my grandpa So She's brave too.  And holy goodness she could sing.

I also took myself out of my self induced seclusion to go to Santana Row and meet up with friends from my Master's Program.  I love these people.  We are bonded for sure.  It was nice to meet without laptops too.
It was worth it to hang out with them. And drink a mule.

I was telling you I read a lot of books.

I mentioned at the end of the year party that  a book club would be fun.  I came up with this book by one of my favorite author's Isabelle Alande
It's a good story but it was hard to read because her paragraphs were soo long!  Really long.  Like a whole page.  But it was not bad.  You should read it.  You could join our book club!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marathon Training and All the Books

Today's run was 5 miles.  Well it was a timed run and keeping the heart beat pace is hard.  But it was a great run on a beautiful morning.

I have this thing I do where if a car on Hillcrest moves over to give me room I wave thanks.  They always wave back .  They see me and they get it-they are so awesome.
Some refuse to move over.  In fact they aim for me.  They are usually white pick ups.  To them I simply say "jackass".  Did you think I would give the finger?  I can't do that I'm one woman running by myself.  Simply saying Jackass puts the words out there and they never notice.

The Losing section of my play list I was sure was going to be terribly depressing but it wasn't.  There were so many good songs.  There was 

Lose Yourself-classic
Lost in the World -Old Kanye with a driving beat 
Losing My Religion-I always find meaning in this song...still

But I've been in a Coldplay mood these days and Lost worked for me.

This summer for me is only one month.  I'm in self induced seclusion this summer so I've spent a lot of time on the hammock with the dogs reading books.
I've read so many books.  Like 10.  All of a sudden I can read a book in two days.  So let's start from now and go backwards.

I was given this book by our new superintendent and it's required reading.  I LOVE it.    It's totally going to transform our year.  Here's a snippet.

I'm the girl who made it through grad school and the credential program without really reading anything.  But this book?  I've even made notes in the margins.

Also of note-EYE DOCTOR appointment.  My eye doctor is super expensive.  It kills me.  When I retire I'll probably go blind because I won't be able to afford him.

But there was an earthquake.   And because I was with the doctor I couldn't scream.  I was COOL

Monday, July 18, 2016

Marathon Training has Begun!! I think!

Woo Hoo I'm back!  I've been finishing the work year and then it took 18 days to feel normal.  But......

Marathon Training has begun!  I think.....


I say I think because I have a coach who has been gentle with his coaching.  He's trying to make sure I get to the finish of NY without hurting myself.

That's awesome because last year......
That was just last year people!  Just last year!

So now when I run especially this year when I run right now this week I am especially happy happy runner.

So today I was especially noticing that all the cars wanted to run me off the road.  Why so cranky I thought?  Probably because they were going to work and I was running.  I would be mad too.

Anyway-I didn't even mind waiting for my car oil change for two hours.  I didn't even care!

I don't have a song of the day.  You know why?  I'm on the lonely letters.  But there was the snappy song from the voice that made it on my list.  

I thought it was Darius Rucker.  I thought wow this guy's having a bad day.  But my resolution was to listen to country so I had to.

Tomorrow 5 miles and a trip to the eye doctor.